Glendalough Rose Gin Mothers Day 2022
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Stop and Smell the Roses This Mother’s Day with Glendalough Rose Gin

Glendalough Distillery Partners with Connecting To Nature for Special Mother’s Day Gift Pack

Crafted as a tribute to a very special Mum, Glendalough Rose Gin delivers a taste with depth and meaning this Mother’s Day. This unique and exceptional gin was first created to toast Rose, the mother of Glendalough Distillery’s Head Distiller, Rowdy Rooney, at his brother’s wedding. It was crafted using roses from her own much-loved garden and was, he felt, the perfect way to honour her life. “She had recently passed away, and we wanted her to be there in spirit, so-to-speak”, explains Rowdy “Her favourite place was her garden, so we used roses from that garden to make a gin.” 

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With constant care and attention, Rose’s garden produces just enough rose petals to include in every batch. This handmade process naturally puts a limit on how much can be made, with the sheer number of wild plants and flowers involved. Wild foraged plants from the mountains are picked fresh and distilled for the unique taste of wild Wicklow that you’d expect from Glendalough, while fresh rose petals bring the lofty floral air and give it its pink hue. 

This year to celebrate Mother’s Day, Glendalough Distillery has partnered with Connecting to Nature, a Waterford based company that is on a mission to raise happiness levels by introducing the birds and bees to households nationwide. With sustainability at its core, they are enabling people from the smallest of apartments to those with large gardens to boost their mood by using bird feeders and growing native wildflowers to attract them. Together, they are giving a limited number of lucky people the chance to win a ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’ gift box to enjoy with your Mum or a special person in your life. This very special gift box includes everything you need to grow, preserve and display your own beautiful wildflowers, along with a bottle of Glendalough Rose Gin and all the trimmings needed to enjoy. Find out more and enter through to be in with a chance to win.

Glendalough Distillery has always been passionate about looking after the place it calls home, with sustainability being at the heart of everything it does. “We can’t just pick all of an ingredient in one area.” says Rowdy “We need to be very conscious of sustainability and where we forage. We need these things to grow back as we’ll need them all again next year.” 

The wild botanicals are picked at peak freshness daily by the distillery’s forager and Wicklow native, Geraldine Kavanagh. Glendalough is one of the few distilleries in the world to employ a full-time forager. Kavanagh devotes hours each day to wandering Wicklow’s bountiful natural forests and valleys to find the most flavourful botanicals possible. What is picked goes fresh (never dried) to the distillery within hours of foraging.

The taste profile of the Rose Gin is as it should be; juniper-lead with floral notes. The layers of flavour and nuances in taste come from fresh wild mountain flora and two different types of roses; wild Wicklow Mountain Roses (very rare, and very hard to find) and Heritage Roses (the classic country garden rose). On the nose, the gin is very aromatic, with bright lemon and blood orange, soft juniper notes and fresh roses. The taste is gentle with distinct rose petal, bright berries, citrus with a nectar sweetness. The finish is long and floral with rose petals, lingering pink peppercorn and a touch of earthy spices.

Glendalough Rose Gin has been made as a tribute to a very special Mum, making it the perfect gift to celebrate all mothers this Mother’s Day.  Glendalough Distillery has also partnered with Connecting to Nature, a Waterford based company that is on a mission to raise happiness levels by introducing the birds and bees to households nationwide. Together, they are giving a limited number of lucky people the chance to win a ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’ gift box that includes everything needed to grow, preserve and display their own beautiful wildflowers, along with a bottle of Glendalough Rose Gin.

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