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Stoneground Ølands Sourdough Recipe By The Little Mill

Stoneground Ølands Sourdough Recipe By The Little Mill

A beautiful recipe for ølands sourdough, ølands is a wheat which originates in Sweden which is been grown now in a program with local farmers in Kilkenny. Thanks to The Little Mill Company for sharing their fabulous recipe with Now we all can enjoy a delicious and hot slice of sourdough at home with that afternoon cup of tea or coffee.


100g ølands
125g water
20g starter

*Mix starter 12-16 hours before final dough and let stand in a covered container at 21C.

Final dough
1000g õlands
750g water
200g starter
20g Salt

1. Calculate water temperature to achieve a final dough temperature of 23c.
2. Mix flour, water and starter together until just combined and autolyse for 30 minutes.
3. Add salt and mix on speed 2 for 2 minutes.
4. Place in fermentation container and ferment at 23c.
5. Stretch and fold at 30 minute intervals 4 times (ie 2 hours).
6. Ferment for a further 1h 30m of until a 30% increase in volume.
7. Scale dough into 3 650g pieces round up and rest for 10 minutes.
8. Shape and place in floured bannetons.
9. Ferment for a further 30 minutes at 23c.
10. Retard at 4c for 16 hours.
11. Load into oven preheated to 260c, steam and immediately reduce heat to 230c and bake for 40-45 minutes depending on oven or desired color.


Stoneground Ølands Sourdough Recipe By The Little Mill

Stoneground Ølands Sourdough Recipe By The Little Mill



Stoneground Ølands Sourdough Recipe By The Little MillKells, owned by the Mosse family is renowned across Ireland for its high-quality flours. We have been milling at our mill on the banks of the River Nore at Bennettsbridge for seven generations. In our latest development, we are delighted to launch a new range of stoneground flours, sold under The Little Mill brand. The Little Mill Native Plúr range is made using only Irish grown grains and includes wholemeal, white and purple wheat flours. Whilst called white flours, these actually have a very distinctive creamy colour due to the fact that they are made in exactly the same way as our wholemeal flours, but we sieve out the white and leave the bran behind. As the flours are stoneground, the heat generated by the stones imparts lovely nutty flavours into the plúr. The Little Mill Native Plúr range includes the seven varities listed. Our Native Wholemeal Plúr range is milled using our traditional stoneground method that we have been using for generations. The wheat passes through three sets of millstones, which delivers just the right amount of heat to provide an excellent flour with a lovely nutty, stoneground flavour.




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