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Sheen Falls Stonebass
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Pan Fried Stonebass Recipe by Head Chef Cormac McCreary at Sheen Falls Lodge

Looking for a dinner to impress. Serving 10, this Pan Fried Stonebass Recipe by Head Chef Cormac McCreary at Sheen Falls Lodge is perfect for a dinner party.


– 120g Stone Bass fillet
– 20g bouillabaisse
– 1g baby red pepper
– 20g ratatouille
– 1 half baby courgette
– 10kg tomato puree
– 2g olive crumb
– 10g Aoili
– 3 basil cress

For The Aioli

– 8 Bearra eggs
– 60g confit garlic
– 1 ltr garlic oil
– 500ml olive oil

For The Tomato Sauce

– 4 tins of whole tomato
– 3 onions
– 15 cloves of garlic
– 2 tomato juice
– 20g coriander seeds
– 20 star anise
– 20g cumin seeds
– 20g fennel seeds

For The Ratatouille

– 100g red onion
– 100g courgette
– 100g aubergine
– 100g red pepper
– 100g yellow pepper
– 300g spiced tomato sauce
– 20g star anise
– 20g cumin
– 20g coriander
– 20g fennel seeds

For the Bouillabaisse

– 2kg bream bones
– 1kg red mullet bones
– 10 mussels
– 10 cockles
– 100g lobster shells
– 1 fennel
– 2 shallots
– 2 carrots
– 2 celery
– 4 garlic
– 3 bay leaves
– 5 tarragon stalks
– 5 basil stalks
– 50g tomato paste
– 8 plum tomatoes
– 1g saffron
– 5 star anise
– 15 fennel seeds
– 15 coriander seeds
– 300l pernod
– 750ml white wine
– 1 litre fish stock

For the Tomato and Cumin Puree

– 2kg tomato
– 4 shallots
– 6 garlic cloves
– 12g cumin seeds, toasted
– 300ml olive oil
– 10kg tomato puree
– Salt and pepper
– Cab sav to taste


1. Pan fry stone bass skin side down until golden brown and place on the left side of the plate, fill the baby pepper with ratatouille, pipe the tomato puree onto the courgette cover with olive crumb and place on the right with the pepper, foam the aioli in between and sauce with bouillabaisse.
2. Cook the eggs for 4 mins and place in ice water, when cold peel and place in thermos mixer, add garlic and blend in olive oil like a mayo.
3. Sweat the onions and garlic until the onions become translucent then blend all the aromats together and add sweat for a further 10 mins and then add tomatoes and juice and cook for about 2-3 hrs, blend and pass through a fine chinois.
4. Brunoise all vegetables first and sweat red onion in olive oil with espelette then add peppers and continue to sweat then aubergine and then courgette then add tomato sauce and cook until tomato sauce has reduceded by half.
5. Remove tops and take seeds and the bottom off the body, place in separate trays with seasoning olive oil thyme and rosemary and cover with foil, cook the tops at 180 for 7 mins and the bottoms for 12 mins making sure oven is pre heated and do not remove foil until completely cool
6. Chop the fish bones and heads, and wash them thoroughly. Take large sauce pan and roast the bones, along with the lobster shell. Now add the vegetable mirepoix, along with the spices and saffron. Once the bones and mirepoix have been lightly roasted add the tomato puree, tomatoes and cockles and mussels, cook for 5 mins. Now add the wine and Pernod and reduce. Now add the fish stock and and herbs stalks cook the stock out. Once the sauce has a good flavour, pass it off and adjust it to taste with a sous chef. When heating the sauce up for service finish it with a saffron and garlic mayonnaise.
7. Sweat shallots and garlic in the olive oil slowly when soft add the halved tomatoes cook out till all the moisture has gone. Do this slowly.
8. Once done add the toasted cumin seeds and the tomato puree and cook till the tomato puree is cooked. This process should take 3 hours. Once done place in a thermo and blitz till smooth. Then pass through a chinois and season.


Sheen Falls Lodge is a stunning 5-star property located just outside the town of Kenmare, Co. Kerry. The perfect base for a bit of relaxation while exploring the Wild Atlantic Way, Sheen Falls Lodge overlooks the picturesque waterfall of the same name.

For an experience you won’t soon forget, many visitors often combine their stay with dinner in the 2AA Rosette restaurant, which is headed up by Head Chef Cormac McCreary.

Cormac began his career in the food industry as an apprentice in The K Club, before moving to the Gordan Ramsay restaurant in Powerscourt Hotel.

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