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Brian French Steak Sandwich
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Steak Sandwich Recipe by Brían French

We finished surfing during the week and cooked up a quick steak sandwich, inspired by watching Francis Mallmann cook at this years Ballymaloe Litfest.

We dug up a small little pit and got a barbeque going and then prepped what we needed.

From watching Francis last week, he seemed to throw full vegetables into the fire. This cooked the veg while created a really nice char around the edge and gave a really nice smoky flavour and a nice texture inside. I put a whole lemon, which we used to dress the salad and to dress the asparagus, and an onion, to get a smoky delicious onion flavour.

The lemon and onion came out great. Really nice flavour and texture. For the onion I just cut away the first few layers until the really sweet and slightly smoke onion flesh.

Brian French Steak Sandwich

For the steaks we had some really nice rib eye. I kept it really simple because the flavour from the wood is delicious so I didn’t want to make it too complicate it too much. Once it was cooked I let it rest with a nice chunk of butter on top which created a delicious puddle of resting juices which was used to butter the bread. The steak sambo was topped with the barbequed asparagus, the baked onion, mushrooms and some delicious rocket dressed in the charred lemon.

A Nice little treat post-surf.


Brían FrenchBrían is a cook and photographer based out of Cork. Previous work he has done included farmers markets, dessert business and cookery schools. In terms of photography, some of his most recent work was ballymaloe Litfest where he worked with Franics Mallmann, Skye Gyngell and Joseph Trivelli. Bríans blog is collection of recipes Brían cooks and shoots and also photography projects he is involved in.

To see more of Brían’s recipes and projects visit his blog