Staple Foods and Nobó Teamed Up For Healthy Pop Up Restaurant this July

Staple Foods and Nobó Teamed Up For Healthy Pop Up Restaurant this July

Staple Foods and Nobó have teamed up to bring a unique pop up dining concept this month: plant based foods used in a fun, innovative way. The wholesome and fresh lunch favourite and the healthy food brand will  co-host the restaurant for six nights at Staple Food’s Grattan Street location.

Dishes include crispy parsnip nachos with creamy nut based cheeses, nutritious kimchi mains and moreish chocolate sundaes -all minus the dairy- as the menu focuses on vegan, caveman/paleo and dairy free diets. The entire menu is vegan friendly, but there is a meat alternative for carnivores.

“We are really excited about expanding our menu in into an evening time setting, it’s something we have always been working towards. As fate would have it we became friends with the Nobó founders, Rachel and Brian through the restaurant, we have always loved their ice cream so it seemed like a natural progression for both brands to work on a special project together.” Says Kevin Mulvany, founder of Staple Foods.

Nobó, known for their award winning avocado and coconut milk ice cream alternative have developed two dishes for this pop up dinner collaboration. “We’ve always been fans of what Staple Foods do. They have a creative approach to their dishes and make healthy eating accessible to everyone. It’s been a really fun collaboration and we’re really excited about people trying the final dishes” says Nobó co-founder Brian Nolan.

Staple Foods is located on 24a Grattan Street, Dublin 2 and is open for breakfast and lunch from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. The pop up dinner will be running for 6 nights, opening July 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th and 29th

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