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Standing Seats
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How Low Would You Go For a Cheap Plane Ticket? This Airline Wants to Introduce Standing Seats on Flights

In a move that will likely leave many travellers scratching their heads, a budget airline wants to introduce standing seats on their aircraft in order to further decrease the cost of air travel.

VivaColombia is not the first airline to float this idea, which would basically give airlines the opportunity to cram more passengers onto flights. This does not sound comfortable.

Speaking about the proposed standing seats, VivaColombia’s founder and CEO William Shaw said: “There are people out there right now researching whether you can fly standing up. We’re very interested in anything that makes travel less expensive.”

Standing Seats

Back in 2010, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary referred to a plane as a “bus with wings” and added that “If there ever was a crash on an aircraft, God forbid, a seatbelt won’t save you.”

Even if a seatbelt won’t save you, it’s definitely safer than standing without any support. The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) claims that seat belts are essential for safe air travel. Speaking to The Telegraph, CAA spokesperson Richard Taylor said:

“First the airline would have to ask the manufacturer would have to get those seats approved. Unless they can make it 100 per cent safe, it won’t be viable.”

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