Split Lobster with Garlic Butter Drench Recipe by Niall Sabongi from Klaw
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Split Lobster with Garlic Butter Drench Recipe by Niall Sabongi from Klaw

#Sponsored. Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th of December saw Guinness host the Gilroy Christmas Supper Clubs, inspired by the artist John Gilroy, who created the beloved and witty advertisements synonymous with the Guinness brand.

This delectable lobster recipe, brought to you and sponsored by Guinness, was created by seafood superstar of Klaw fame Niall Sabongi and it was one of the five courses which were enjoyed on the evening, along with Guinness.

Discover why seafood and Ireland’s favourite beer are famously paired together, by preparing this delightful recipe at home and accompanying it with a special edition can of Guinness with Gilroy’s iconic illustration “The Lobster.”

Two of Gilroy’s iconic designs feature on these limited-edition Guinness cans; the smiling pint and the lobster. Self-described as “a fairly jolly man”, Gilroy is most recognised for the dash of humour he brought to every piece of work. When tasked with depicting a pint of Guinness, Gilroy responded in his signature style by inserting a smiling face into the foam.

Collectors often refer to this charming drawing, that you can see on one of the limited-edition cans, as the “anthropomorphic glass.” The other limited-edition can features one of Gilroy’s lobster illustrations. From the early 1930’s, Guinness and food was a popular advertising theme with the association of lobster and Guinness stretching back to the early 1900’s – the dry roasted, slightly bitter taste of Guinness is said to be the perfect seafood pairing.

Split Lobster with Garlic Butter Drench Recipe by Niall Sabongi from Klaw

The limited-edition sun and pint Guinness Gilroy cans are available exclusively in SuperValu and Centra.

Serves 2 people as main


Garlic butter

6 cloves of garlic sliced as thinly as possible (think Paulie in Goodfellas)
 Handful of chopped flatleaf parsley
 Squeeze of Lemon
 Salt and black pepper to taste (be generous)
 1/2 lb of softened butter
 2 live lobster about 600g each


1. Bind all garlic, butter, lemon and seasoning together.
2. Give it a good bash to release all the garlicky loveliness and then fold in the parsley.
3. In a pot, melt all but don’t allow garlic to colour.
4. To kill the lobster in the most humane manner rap in a wet teacloth and place in the freezer for 20 min. This should send them into a deep sleep.
5. While this is happening you can get large pot of heavily salted water on the boil.
6. Once on the boil, take the teacloth off and drop your lobsters into the pot and boil for 6 min.
7. Take out your lobsters and allow to cool.
8. Turn Grill to High heat and allow to preheat.
9. In the meantime, split your lobsters down the middle and give each of the claws a little crack with the back of a knife to make access a little easier for your guest and indeed yourself.
10. You can eat all inside except the digestive tract running along the spine (black line in tail) and also the sand box which looks like a little bag just inside the tip of the head. If you can’t find either don’t worry about it as you will be gorging on buttery lobster soon so you really won’t care the slightest about some sand.
11. Season you lobster with rock salt and crack of white pepper and place under the grill for further 3 min or until fully cooked and warm throughout.
12. Once out place lobsters on your serving dish and drench with your melted butter and serve
Chips are great with this dish to soak up the juices and a little green salad with sharp dressing to cut though the butter is just perfect.

For more information please visit guinnessopengate.com

Over 18’s only. Get the facts, visit drinkaware.ie.

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