Embrace all Things Spanish at this Sensational Gastronomic Workshop

Fancy an evening of sensational Spanish tapas and wine? Brush up on your culinary skills and food knowledge with themed workshops from the Instituto Cervantes Dublin.

Instituto Cervantes Dublin is hosting four gastronomic sessions that will focus on a variety of products beloved by Spainyards themselves. The sessions will focus on canned seafood, olive oil and olives as well as charcuterie and cheese.

Starting on the 18th of September, from 6.30pm – 8.30pm, there will be a masterclass on canned seafood that will be paired with two fantastic Spanish wines, Albariños and Cava.

Guests to the gastronomic workshop will taste some authentic Spanish produce and try out their skills at making pintxos using canned seafood. They will prepare delicious dishes such as cockles and wakame, cherry tomatoes stuffed with tuna belly and gilda pintxo which consists of olive, anchovy and pickled chilli.

Gastronomic Workshop

This master class will be held by chef Blanca Valencia. Born in Spain and raised in Latin America she has a true flavour for Spanish cooking and has earned her culinary stripes working in some of the finest kitchens worldwide. She has a Grand Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu and has worked in El Alambique cookery school in Madrid as well as El Bulli Hotel.

Chef Blanca will talk through Spain’s history of its canning industry and how this tradition has evolved to the modern day. Travel from the Roman city of Cadiz, where the first manufacturing sites of salted tuna were opened to Northern Spain, an area famed for its canning industry.

Booking for this event is essential and costs €25 per person.

For more information log onto cultura.cervantes.es

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