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cocktail recipe by hotel kilkenny
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The Southeast Slammer Cocktail Recipe from Hotel Kilkenny

This cocktail recipe is a play on the Alabama Slammer. Here in the sunny southeast of Ireland, you can enjoy a sweet and oh so delicious cocktail ideal for those Summer days. If you can’t be on a beach you can feel like you are.

The combination of Southern Comfort and Amaretto found some new friends with the raspberry vodka and juice mixture that guarantees a refreshing delivery yet maintaining it's adult beverage kick.  Tastes too good to have alcohol some say, but beware it’s not called a "Slammer" for nothing. Only found at the Hotel Kilkenny Pure Bar.


Cocktail shaker
Petit cuvee


1 shot Southern Comfort
½ shot of Stolichnaya Razz vodka
½ shot Amaretto
2 dashes of grenadine
150 ml orange juice
150 ml pineapple juice.
Fruit to decorate.


1. Pour your base spirits Southern Comfort, Stolichnaya Razz vodka into the cocktail shaker.
2. Next add orange juice and pineapple juice.
3. Fill your shaker with ice.
4. Mix all ingredients in a shaker and shake vigorously.
5. Then add your grenadine.
6. Place ice cubes in to your cuvee glass and pour your cocktail on top of the ice. Garnish with an orange and a cherry. Sit back and enjoy!

Hotel Kilkenny Pure Bar at Hotel Kilkenny is renowned for its great service, fantastic quality food & easy going atmosphere. Pure offers an extensive drinks, wine and cocktail list including some specialist drinks carefully assembled by the Pure team.

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