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Sour Cherry Pistachio Brownie Recipe by Darren Harris
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Sour Cherry Pistachio Brownie Recipe by Chef Darren Harris

This Sour Cherry Pistachio Brownie recipe is a favourite tried and trusted brownie recipe which you will enjoy making and eating over and over.

Serves 12


208g soft brown dark sugar
208g caster sugar
188g soft flour (not self-raising, as a dense texture is desired)
7 large eggs
170g unsalted butter
170g salted butter
340g dark chocolate (high quality)
200g unsalted whole pistachios
200g semi-candied sour cherries

Chocolate Ganache for decoration
200g single cream
200g dark chocolate (high quality)


1. Line a brownie tray (23x30cm) with non-stick paper.
2. Rub flour into sugar to ensure a smooth flour-sugar mix with no lumps.
3. Break up the eggs lightly, but do not whisk.
4. Warm up chocolate and butter until liquid.
5. Add chocolate-butter mix to eggs and mix well.
6. Add this to the sugar-flour mix, making sure there are no lumps. Gently swirl around until almost combined.
7. Finally, gently swirl in pistachios and cherries.
8. Ensure brownie batter is smooth, tip into tray, level out, and bake at 165ºC for about 18 minutes.

Chocolate ganache
 Gently melt the chocolate and cream together in a pot.

To serve:
 Either pour the ganache over the top of the cooling inverted brownies, smooth out and set, or serve the brownies slightly warm with warm ganache on the side, and raspberries and vanilla ice cream.

– If the sour cherries are unavailable use firm, fresh pitted cherries or good quality cherries from a can in syrup.
If using salted pistachios, rinse well in water and pat dry.

– When presenting or cooling, invert the brownies: present smooth side up.

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