Creamed Cookies: Something Sweet Just Opened in Arnott's
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Something Sweet Has Just Opened in Arnott’s

Dublin has seen a huge number of dedicated sweet spots opening in recent times, so there is no shortage of places to get your fix. You can’t have too much of a good thing, so Arnott’s new bubblegum pink café Creamed Cookies has caused great excitement since opening last week.

A feast for the eyes as well as the belly, expect tiers of candy-coloured doughnuts, vintage china and sweetie jars. Creamed Cookies is serving up something a little different to its competitors with drool-worthy signature ice cream sandwiches.

Ice cream sandwiched between freshly baked cookies or a doughnut with a selection of toppings couldn’t sound more tempting. For the colder days you can pick up some Johnson’s coffee with delicious baked goodies to go.


Creamed Cookies is located at the Liffey Street entrance of Arnott’s, across from Mark’s and Spencer. If you need a little weekend treat, you’re sure to come away from here on a sugar high.


“A new and exciting Ice cream parlour where you have the opportunity to design your own unique dessert.
Get creative and choose from our large range of fresh handcrafted Cookies and Donuts served with our mouth watering Ice cream.
Top off your personalised Ice cream sandwich with some of our delicious toppings.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them.” Read More

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