solid chocolate Easter egg
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The World’s First Solid Chocolate Easter Egg has Finally Been Created

If you’ve ever cracked into your Easter egg only to be disappointed by a thin shell and hollow centre then we’ve got some great new for you: the arrival of a solid chocolate Easter egg.

Created by the Solid Chocolate Company, the company claims to have developed the world’s very first solid chocolate Easter egg.

Rather than simply put two solid halves together, the 750g solid chocolate eggs are cleverly made up of 42 bite-size pieces that fit together like a jigsaw together to form an egg shape.

solid chocolate Easter egg

The Solid Chocolate Company promises that their eggs aren’t made up of poor quality, super sweet chocolate like many others on the supermarket shelves, but instead fine Belgian chocolate.

The solid chocolate egg comes in four varieties: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and caramel chocolate.

Priced at £24.99 (approximately €29), you can pick one of these chocolate beasts up from Amazon, but eager Easter bunnies would want to hop to it as most varieties have already sold out, with only the milk chocolate egg still available.

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