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Social Gallery – The World’s First Connected Restaurant

Well-known personalities, foodies and tech lovers gathered for the exclusive opening of the world’s first Connected Restaurant, powered by Three and Samsung.

Opened for just four days, The Connected Restaurant welcomed diners in Ireland and Australia with one half of the restaurant in Dublin and the other in Sydney.

The magic of this unique dining experience is that it brought family and friends who are separated this festive season together for Christmas dinner, as if sitting at the same table.

On the night, guests were welcomed by the Dublin restaurant host and celebrity Maître D, Mateo Saina and enjoyed Christmas meal with a twist complimented by a selection of Christmas cocktails which were specially created for the experience.

The Australian Maître D, Michael Grocholsky then invited guests to join him on the other side of the world to experience the Sydney half of the restaurant.

Well-known mum and former celebrity Master Chef Contestant, Yvonne Connolly shared details of her personal ‘Connected Restaurant’ dining experience with son Jack who has recently moved to Sydney.

She said: “It was a really wonderful experience. We were chatting and enjoying our meal as if sitting side by side in a restaurant in Dublin. The attention to detail is great with all elements of the experience mirrored perfectly on both sides of table.”

Speaking at the opening Aislinn O’Connor, Head of Brand and Marketing Communications, Three commented: “At Three we recognise that what truly matters is the everyday special moments and connections that our customers create and share across the network.”

She added: “Christmas is a particularly busy time for the Three network as friends and families separated during the festive season reconnect and come together at this special time. Essentially it is about being there even when you can’t, and it was this simple, yet powerful insight that lead to the creation of the World’s first Connected Restaurant.”

“Allowing loved ones separated by continents to come together and enjoy an intimate Christmas dinner experience as if all sitting around one table. The response has been overwhelming, and we wish all our diners a wonderful connected festive experience.”

Check out the full gallery below for all the action on the night.

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