Social Gallery: Brockman’s Gin Event in the Botanical Garden of Opium with Alex Mytton

Brockman's Gin Botanical Experience Opium Alex Mytton

Gin is a great way get the party started and on Wednesday, November 22nd, the Brockman’s Botanical Gin Experience took place in the newly refurbished Botanical Garden of Opium for a night of tasty cocktails and delightful canapés.

The special night also had the presence of a VIP guest, one of Made in Chelsea’s biggest stars, Alex Mytton, who later took to the DJ decks for a festive kickstart of the party season ahead.

Guests were treated to specially mixed cocktails using Brockman’s Gin, which is quite the distinctive gin, that is different from others on the market. Layered with botanicals, that includes Italian juniper berries from Tuscany with pine and lavender notes, as well as angelica from Saxony for earthy notes and coriander seeds from Bulgaria for that spicy sage, and finished with citrus tones with the oil from Spanish almonds.

Each cocktail was then mixed with a splash of Spanish lemon and orange peel for that zesty overtone, and rounded up with the unique blend of blueberries that help make Brockman’s Gin the special drink it’s known to be.

The Made in Chelsea star also gave guests an exclusive Q&A session, chatting about how he enjoys many a good night out in when in Ireland, specifying both the capital and Cork as his go-to cities, and that he loves meeting Irish people, who are always such great fun.

Check out the gallery below, from the Brockman’s Botanical Gin Experience.

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