Hangry? Snickers Announce 3 New Flavours and One is Caffeinated

One chocolate bar has been making waves with their witty ad campaigns, reflected with their wrappers and brilliant bar names, for times when you’re not just hungry, but “hangry”. And now Snickers are going to be gracing shelves worldwide with a trio of brand new flavours.

These new limited edition bars will join the others in the Mars Company chocolate line, as Snickers bars no longer bear the brand name on their wrappers but their funny nicknames – you may have noticed “Hangry” and “Scatterbrain” in your local shop.

The upcoming release shall soon give us “Irritable”, the espresso bar, “Wimpy”, the fiery chilli one, and “Indecisive”, the combo of salty and sweet.

For when the usual, and frankly delicious, combination of peanuts, caramel, chewy nougat and chocolate isn’t enough, you will now be able to fight your silly senses with a kick of espresso, chilli or opt for the salty chocolate alternative.

So for those of us who enjoy a little adventure in our snack bar, these will definitely satisfy your cravings.

Snickers New Flavours

In a statement, Snickers Senior Brand Manager Michael Italia said “our new flavours paired with hunger symptoms provide an extended dimension to show how Snickers ultimately satisfies when hunger strikes.”

Announced via their official Instagram account, we will have to wait until Summer 2018 next year to get our paws on these bars. But the big question here is, who are you when you’re hungry?

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