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Up Your Snapchat Game – New Filters Now Recognise Food

Snapchat has been quietly launching new app filters that are going to have food lovers eating out of the palms of their digital hands.

The app’s new image recognition feature automatically recognises certain objects and events once you snap that all-important photo.

Appropriate filters and borders are then added to your image in the edit function so you can really up your snapchat filter game.

Snapchat’s image recognition is meant to be used when you are taking pictures of real objects and animals, so this new feature will be welcomed by those of us who are partial to snapping a quick photo of a cup of coffee or a particularly savoury dish.

This update is launching ahead of Snapchat’s imminent redesign, which aims to simplify the app after users complained that it was becoming too difficult to understand.

So, which dish will be first on your snapchat food filter list?