Smoked Beef Tartare Recipe from ASADOR

Asador Smoked Beef Tartare, Apple Wood Smoke, Truffle Egg Yolk, Toasted Sourdough 2

Head Chef at ASADOR, Florin Vasilache, shares his recipe for smoked Beef Tartare with Apple Wood Smoke, Truffle Egg Yolk & Toasted Sourdough

Serves 4
Prepared by Head Chef Florin Vasilache


240g ground beef fillet, finely diced
1 large shallot, finely diced
50g chives, finely sliced
1 tbsp dijon mustard
4 tbsp egg yolk
–  salt
 black pepper
4 slices of sourdough
12 caper berries
–  butter (for the bread)

Smoking gun for smoking


For the Tartare
1. Add the diced beef, shallots, chives, mustard and egg yolk into a large mixing bowl.
2. Mix well and add salt and pepper seasoning to taste.
3. Split the mixture into four equal portions and leave to rest in mason jars.

To Serve
1. Cut the caper berries into halves.
2. Toast the sourdough and spread it with butter.
3. Take one mason jar with tartare and fill the jar with smoke from the smoking gun. Repeat twice for more taste and added effect.
4. Serve on a board with caper berries and sourdough.


AsadorAsador is a highly popular Restaurant on Haddington Road, Dublin 4. Open since November 2012 and recently renovated to achieve a sleek, stylish look, Asador is perfect for after work dinner and drinks or a romantic evening. The whole premise of Asador, which incidentally means barbecue or grill in Spanish, is to use high quality produce and cook it in the most ancient of ways in a huge “Asador” with lump-wood charcoal and oak & apple hard woods to give the food a unique flavour. The living, breathing heart of Asador’s open kitchen is the bespoke 1.2 tonne ‘Asador’. Asador’s chefs have spent time in Spain, Portugal & Argentina learning all about the craft of delivering exquisite barbecued food.
From Cote de Boeuf to Lamb Skewers to flame seared seafood, Asador caters for all tastes, with an exciting Latin influence and an extensive cocktail menu on offer.

Asador  Asador

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