Slurp More Than Ramen at Wagamama with New Addition to Fresh Juice Menu


Inspired by the fast-paced ramen bars of Japan, wagamama is well known for the bringing the fresh, nourishing, flavours of Asia to all. Alongside these bowls of steaming broth, along with other noodle and rish dishes, is their range of zesty raw juices – a tasty way to boost your immune system this January.

Made fresh each and every time you order, these little beauties are served just how mother nature intended and have absolutely nothing else added. Available in all wagamama restaurants in Dublin and Cork, you can start or end your day in the right way or just pop in and take one away to beat the 3pm slump.


Warm up with a Blueberry Spice, a deep rich purpletangy blueberry, crisp apple and a dash of carrot and ginger to pack a little punch.


Or perhaps the Super Green is more your style? Crisp apple with fresh mint, celery and lime to make a truly refreshing drink.

Brand new to the wagamama juice line up, the Positive is an uplifting blend of cool cucumber, sweet pineapple, spinach, apple and sharp lime. A fresh and crisp choice of drink that’s sure to be a firm favourite.

There’s a whole juice menu to choose from so drop by and pick one up in regular (€3.95) or large (€4.95).

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