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Slow Baked Lamb Shank Easter Recipe by Saba Restaurant

In celebration of Easter Sunday, Saba, Dublin’s award-winning Thai and Vietnamese eatery, has created a delicious slow baked lamb shank. Available for dinner from Easter Saturday until Monday, March 4th, 5th & 6th, this spicy alternative to traditional lamb is available to order for dinner, priced at €24.95.

To recreate the recipe at home, simply follow the recipe below.


4 lamb shanks

1 bottle of Dungarvan beer

100g lemongrass

6 kaffir lime leaves

2 chilli

½ dsp sea salt

Pickled Vegetables

100ml rice vinegar
100ml water
100g sugar
1 tsp salt
½ turmeric powder
2 bay leaves
1/3 tsp coriander seeds

Mango dressing

200 g carrots, fine strips

200g mango, finely sliced

200 g cauliflower small florets

40g shallots, finely sliced

200g white radish, fine strips

10g coriander chopped

10g spring onions, finely sliced

5g roasted crush rice

100ml tamarind concentrate

100ml palm sugar

100g sugar

½ tsp chilli flake

Cooking Method

To prepare pickled vegetables

Bring the saucepan to a high heat, add water, vinegar, sugar, salt, turmeric powder, bay leaves and coriander seeds to the saucepan and boil for three minutes. Leave it to simmer for 2 minutes. Put to one side to cool and place in the fridge for 20 minutes. Add carrots, cauliflower and the white radish and keep it in the fridge overnight.

To prepare Lamb Shanks

Prepare the bowl to marinate the lamb. Add the lamb shank, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, sea salt and beer and leave the lamb shank to marinate overnight. Once the lamb has marinated, preheat the oven to 150c. Cover the lamb shank with tin foil and cook for two hours or until the lamb becomes tender. Once the lamb is tender, remove the tin foil and cook for another five minutes to get a nice golden brown colour.

To prepare Mango dressing

Bring the saucepan to a medium heat and add tamarind concentrate, palm sugar and sugar. Bring it to boil and simmer for three minutes until sauce is thick. Take the dressing off the heat and let it cool. Add the mango, shallots, coriander, spring onions and chilli flakes into the sauce and sprinkle with roasted crush rice.

Put the Lamb shank on one side of the plate and place the pickled vegetables and mango dressing to on the other side of the plate. The dish is now ready to serve !


To Book Saba’s special offer for Easter weekend click HERE or call 01-6792000

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