Slane Whiskey Leading the Way in Sustainability with Origin Green Certification

Since Slane Whiskey was founded in 2009 it has quickly become one of Ireland’s most renowned whiskeys and has also hit markets abroad with a bang. The triple casked whiskey is rich with flavour, showcasing the Irish landscape that surrounds the distillery.

The distillery is set on the historic grounds of Slane Castle, in the Boyne Valley, Co.Meath. They have announced that they are continuing to take great steps towards a sustainable future; originally the distillery with built with many sustainable features and works with the land to create this beloved whiskey.

The water used to make Slane Whiskey is sourced from the Boyne River. Slane Distillery installed a catchment system to collect and store rainwater off which will then be treated and used for process water or landscape irrigation. This will reduce the amount of water that is taken from the river.

Furthermore, waste materials such as grain and yeast by-products from the distillation process are provided to local farmers, who then use this for animal feed.

In 2017, Slane Distiller was certified by Origin Green, Ireland’s sustainability program. The distillery features both anaerobic digester and heat recovery systems. These work towards reducing waste in the most environmentally impactful way possible. Slane Whiskey co-founder Alex Conyngham has an MBA from the Graduate School of Business in South Africa. It was here he developed an interest in renewable energy technologies and he has brought this passion with him to Slane.

Set within the Co.Meath countryside Slane Whiskey is committed to biodiversity and respecting the land around them. They have restored a section of the Harlinstown Stream and built a salmon ladder. This ladder allows salmon and other fish to bypass the mill pond and travel upstream during spawning season.

For more information on Slane’s envoirnmentally friendly practices, please visit

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