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Slainte – as MacNeill’s ‘Old New’ Pub Re-launches at The Hardiman Galway

The reopening of MacNeill’s burrowed in the historic cellars of The Hardiman on Eyre Square is a momentous occasion in Galway City. After a period of closure, the pub, which was established within the Hotel in the late 19th Century, was a well-known iconic pub witnessing the changing character of the city over the years and enjoyed various identities including O’Flaherty’s and Fagan’s.


The best of old, mixed with new contemporary touches, means the refurbished and repurposed pub, retains its classic charm, but with added comfort and style. Its nooks and crannies, cosy snugs, character and characters, make MacNeill’s a welcome addition to the Galway pub scene.

For many, the reopening will evoke feelings of nostalgia and for those who will visit the premises for the first time will find MacNeill’s inviting with a warm atmosphere coupled with great traditional food and drinks, helping to establish its ‘the new local’ status. 

The design concept for MacNeill’s came from designer Graham Barrow (responsible for schemes such as Fire Restaurant, Sole Restaurant and  more recently Hellfire in Dublin).

I tend to shy away from anything that looks like it’s been ordered from catalogues, preferring a more bespoke, custom-made approach to interior design, thus creating a space that is individual and  harmonises with the luxurious Hardiman Hotel above“, he says.


To realise his concept, he sourced salvaged materials for parts of the pub whilst mixing with lux fittings, sleek flooring and heritage wallpaper. The use of these old and new features throughout creates a cocoon-like labyrinth of spaces within the basement, offering residents and visitors a myriad of options in terms of backdrop, ensuring a different experience with every visit.

The charming interior, with its dark wood panelling, cosy nooks and snugs, and stunning stained-glass windows, gives a nod to the heritage of the historic property and its traditional culture.

The Food…

The soul-warming comfort of traditional Irish dishes dominates the Pub’s food menu at MacNeill’s, while incorporating contemporary flavours and techniques.  Sourcing local fresh, seasonal ingredients is the mainstay of the new Pub that pays homage to Irish heritage while embracing the evolving tastes of today. The new menu is an exciting contemporary menu with something for everyone from brunch to light bites, mains and more. The finest local seafood and shellfish will feature strongly, with classic dishes such Seafood Chowder and Fish & Chips on the menu.   Other dishes include winter warmers such as Classic Irish Stew and Traditional Bacon and Cabbage.  Desserts are to die for and include sublime classics such as Baileys and White Chocolate Mousse and Granny Smith Apple Cheesecake.


The Drink…

An extensive selection of Irish and international lagers and craft beers, including some tasty finds, will be served while punters can, of course enjoy a pint of a perfectly poured Guinness while Irish Whiskey and Spirits enthusiasts will be happy with the extensive whiskey collection. New to MacNeill’swill be an array of bespoke cocktails as well as your old favourites with a MacNeill’s twist to take you back in time, with a well-trained bar service team proud to serve the community.

Entertainment, a must in the lively City of the Tribes, MacNeill’s will host regular live music and will invite local cultural artists and performers to take part in trad sessions, poetry and storytelling sessions, local history highlights, and more. Be sure to watch out for their live entertainment announcements.


Over €400,000 was invested in the refurbishment and repurposing of MacNeill’s with 15 new jobs being created in bringing the Pub back to the city, and you might just see some familiar faces there also.

An additional 20 rooms have just been announced for The Hardiman Hotel, so it’s exciting times for the Galway venue.

Opening in time for the busy Christmas period with the Galway Christmas Markets in full swing right upon MacNeill’s doorstep, it will be the place to be when everybody discovers the pub down the stairs!


The team at MacNeill’sis looking forward to welcoming old and new customers to experience the timeless charm of the new Pub and can’t wait to show you around, Come on in!

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