The Average Irish Person will Indulge in 2 and a Half Pancakes this Shrove Tuesday

The Average Irish Person will Indulge in 2 and a Half Pancakes this Pancake Tuesday

This Pancake Tuesday, over 12 million pancakes will be devoured in Ireland. Despite the undeniable popularity of the day, new research commissioned by Siúcra shows that one third of the population doesn’t know the meaning of Shrove Tuesday.

Known as Pancake Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday is a centuries old tradition that begun as a way of using forbidden foods before the fasting period of Lent. While they might not know why, the large majority of people won’t mind indulging in a few pancakes on the date, with the average person enjoying 2.55 pancakes.

When it comes to making the pancakes, the large majority of people will flip their own, with 70% preparing them from scratch, 20% using a ready mix, 6% getting ready-made pancakes and 4% having them in a restaurant or café. Just under a third of people (31%) admitted to not knowing the ingredients in a basic pancake batter, with males significantly less likely (59%) to know the ingredients than females (79%).

The Average Irish Person will Indulge in 2 and a Half Pancakes this Shrove Tuesday

Joanne McAllister, Trade Marketing Manager for Siúcra Ireland said, “At Siúcra we want to inspire people to rediscover the joy of home cooking. Pancake Tuesday is the perfect excuse to get creative and have some fun in the kitchen and something that all the family can get involved with. It is also a great opportunity for children to witness simple ingredients being turned into delicious creations and to enjoy the spectacle of pancake tossing.”

Joanne went on to explain that preparing pancakes is actually quite easy and thanks to the variety of fillings and toppings available, ti’s an extremely versatile treat. “To encourage people to rustle up a stack of pancakes, we have developed delicious new recipes to show how Siúcra can transform your humble pancake from drab to fab.”

Toppings-wise, sweet beats savoury with 88% preferring it. The overall favourite topping in Ireland is the classic combination of lemon and sugar (38%) followed by maple syrup (20%) and chocolate spread (15%).

Siúcra has developed delicious new recipes especially for Pancake Tuesday including Black Forest Pancakes, a revamped version of the retro classic, Gingerbread Pancakes with Sticky Bananas, which your little monkeys will go bananas for, Crêpes with Raspberries and Chocolate Fudge Sauce to add a dash of ‘je ne sai quoi’ to your pancake party and Spinach Pancakes with Caramelised Ham and Cheese, which are sure to brighten up any plate.

Keep and eye on Siúcra’s and website for recipes, top tips and your chance to win flippin’ fantastic prizes!

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