Take a Peek Inside Singapore Airlines’ New Enviable First Class Luxury Suites

Singapore Airlines may have just completely redefined luxury in the sky with their newly revamped fleet of aircraft.

Catering for four classes of passenger, the new aircraft will have six Singapore Airlines Suites, 78 Business Class seats, 44 Premium Economy seats and 343 Economy Class seats.

Each of the first class suites will feature a plush mattress, two pillows, a duvet and a number of toiletries. The size and privacy of the suites will give lucky first-class passengers the ultimate flight experience.

While the business, premium economy and even economy all look stylish, contemporary and incredibly inviting, most passengers will be dreaming of those luxurious first-class suites.

Speaking about the new upgrades, Senior Vice President of Product and Services at Singapore Airlines, Mr Marvin Tan, stated:

“Singapore Airlines set new industry benchmarks for premium full-service travel when we introduced our first A380s in October 2007. A decade later we continue to receive highly positive feedback about the travel experience on the aircraft.”

He added: “The introduction of our all-new cabin products is intended to ensure we retain our product leadership position. The significant investment in the new product and service offerings demonstrates that we are always listening to our customers, and ensuring that we continue to deliver the world’s best travel experience.”

Singapore Airlines’ A380s currently serve Auckland, Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Mumbai, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, and Zurich.

For more information and to book your flight with Singapore Airlines, visit www.singaporeair.com.

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