Simon Delaney is launching ‘SIMPLY SIMON’S @ DROPDISH’ on Thursday 4th June 2020

Actor, Director, Television Presenter, Cookbook Author and now virtual Home Cook! 

“Home cooking, just what does that mean? Well for me it’s three things, easy on the pocket, easy to prepare, but above all, tasty, very tasty” – Simon Delaney

Simon Delaney has teamed his food brand Simply Simon’s, with DropDishto bring food lovers a range of meal kits to create home cooked, family style dishes. With starters, main courses, side dishes and desserts to choose from, there’s something on the menu for all the family!

DropDish, one of Ireland’s leading online meal suppliers, make it easy to eat good food without hours of planning and preparation. Offering a wide choice of dishes, it now includes the SIMPLY SIMONS range. All the dishes in the range have been designed by Simon and the team at DropDish. The DropDish mantra is simple; eating good food shouldn’t be hard. Their on-line platform gives their customers access to the freshest products, delivery to your door, and a wide range of meal options. 

When you select something from the Simply Simons Range @ DropDish, you can choose from a selection of easy to prepare delicious family style dishes. 

Your Meal Kit Recipe Box will include:

·         All of the fresh produce and ingredients you’ll need 

·         Accompanied by a detailed recipe card

To make life even easier, log on to the DropDish website,, for a full video tutorial on each dish, presented by Simon himself!

DropDish are proud to support local Irish producers, helping to ensure more people enjoy fresh local food..

As an actor, life on the road has given Simon a taste for trying new dishes everywhere he went. It wasn’t until he worked in New York City on hit TV shows like The Good Wife and films such as Delivery Man that he fell in love with classic American diner food, which led to him releasing

SIMPLY SIMON’S – THE DINER COOKBOOK, his love letter to his favourite US diner dishes. As a busy father of four hungry boys, Simon quickly realised that he needed a large repertoire of easy to cook, tasty, family dishes, and now he wants to share those with us. Having been a Celebrity Masterchef finalist, Simon has gone on to cook at numerous food festivals across the country, and can be seen cooking regularly on TV now every weekend on Ireland AM. 

The next step in his food journey is to bring authentic family style home cooking to a hungry audience across Ireland.

DropDish MD Luke Robinson: “We are excited about teaming up with Simply Simon’s to help bring good honest food to Irish customers. We source fresh ingredients from top Irish producers and working with Simon allows us to combine these with great recipes.  Together we will make home cooking easy so families can spend more time enjoying good food together.

Simon Delaney: “I am delighted to be joining forces with the folks at DropDish, to bring my favourite crowed pleasing dishes to everyone across Ireland, and it doesn’t matter what level of cook you are, I’m excited to help you through the process of each dish, making sure you to bring smiles to your family’s faces!”

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