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The Sky is The Limit With The Shelbourne’s New Quintessentially Irish Signature Cocktail Menu

The Shelbourne Hotel Dublin has launched a Quintessentially Irish Signature Cocktail Menu, and has also given us a sneak peek into the talent behind these creative recipes.

Created by Bar Manager Sean McGoldrick and his team of mixologists, the cocktail menu uses predominantly Irish ingredients and liqueurs, including some homemade additions.

The goal was to create a unique range of cocktails that showcase Irish produce and talent within the industry.

This month’s cocktail of choice is named the Sky Is The Limit. Irish Rhubarb Infused Havana 3, Blue Curacao, Homemade Orgeat and Egg White all come together to make this heavenly cocktail.

In the video above, mixologist Cian Wrynne shows his creative skills with Sky is the Limit.

Having previously worked in Lough Rynn Castle Estate and Gardens and Angelina’s on Baggot Street, Cian has been with The Shelbourne Hotel since 2016.

As Senior Bartender at No. 27 Bar & Lounge, Cian looks after the training and development of staff, ensuring operations behind the bar run smoothly.

Looking after customers and staff, Cian ensures that a 5-star service is delivered at all times.

For more information about The Shelbourne’s Quintessentially Irish Signature Cocktail Menu, click here.

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