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Shake Things Up with Must-Have BBQ Accessories

Sick of ending up with charred sausages and rubbery chicken from your BBQ? Bored of the usual suspects? Your BBQ can play host to so much more than you think with the addition of a few handy accessories. Fan the flames of flavour with these ingenious gadgets which will help you up your BBQ game exponentially and have you firing up the grill any chance you get. The only downside? Your friends and family will try to take up residence in your garden for the Summer.

 Weber Pizza Stonebbq pizza 

Turn your BBQ into an (almost!) authentic Italian wood-fired oven with Weber’s pizza stone. Get crispy crust with subtle smokiness that a normal oven will never rival or whip up some garlic bread or flat-breads to go alongside meaty goodies.

Weber Original Poultry Roasterweber poultry

Ever tried Beer-can chicken? Placing a whole chicken on an open beer can and placing on the barbeque is a popular way of ensuring you end up with a moist and full-flavoured chicken. This process can however get a little messy and limits you, obviously, to using can-based beverages. The poultry roaster allows you to experiment with your tipple of choice – your favourite craft beer perhaps? Or you could shake things up by using Whiskey to play with the smokey flavour of hickory wood chips – the options are endless! The roaster also allows you to cook veggies or potatoes alongside your chicken, with chicken fat raining down to season them – winner winner chicken dinner!

Himalayan Salt Plank

salt plank

Slowly heated over a flame, this ingenious slab of delicious Himalayan salt can be slowly heated over flames as it has a stable crystal structure. You can use this on your BBQ to cook meat, fish or vegetables with an added dimension of flavour. The slab imparts a subtle cured flavor to the food sitting atop – buy two and use one as a striking presentation plate! Seafood will work particularly well on this – think Himalayan Salt Scallops!

Mini Smoking Tray smoking box bbqIf you plan to smoke your own small cuts (smoked duck breast = perfection) this is the perfect accessory and will happily sit on your BBQ gently smoking its contents. Think outside the box and pop some globe artichokes, tomatoes, onions and corn on the cob in to take your side dishes up a notch.

Thermo Chef Measuring Fork

thermo chef

Cook your meat exactly how you like it every time with this handy gadget. Programmed for six different types of meat, this will tell you if your meat is rare, medium or well-done and ensure your poultry is cooked to a safe temperature without drying out.

Cast Iron Skillet Pan

cast iron skillet

Get a bit inventive with a piece of equipment you may already have. Layer it up with lashings of Raclette, Swiss cheese traditionally slowly melted over a small grill and served with bread and charcuterie. Serve this as a side dish and watch your guests swoon as they pour it all over burgers, steaks and veggies.


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