Shake Things up this Summer with these Refreshing Belvedere Vodka Cocktail Recipes

belvedere vodka

Soak up the best of this summer’s atmosphere with delicious Belvedere Vodka cocktails –the perfect aperitif for any summer soiree. Creating fresh, seasonal and contemporary cocktail recipes using 100% natural ingredients and completely free from additives, Belvedere Vodka has a refreshing tipple to tempt any taste-bud. Summertime favourites include the Belvedere vodka mojito, Belvedere poolside passion pitcher and the Belvedere cucumber and green teani. Know the difference this season and toast to the good times with the world’s original luxury vodka.

To create any of these bespoke Belvedere Vodka cocktails at home, simply try the following recipes:

Belvedere vodka mojito



Serves 4-6

50ml Belvedere Lemon Tea
15ml Simple Syrup
3-4 Lime Wedges
Handful of Mint
Splash Soda Water


Gently muddle limes and mint with simple syrup in base of a highball glass. Add Belvedere Lemon Tea and a small scoop of crushed ice and churn. Re-top with more crushed ice and a splash of soda. Garnish with a spring of fresh mint.

Belvedere poolside passion pitcher



200ml Belvedere Mango Passion
Top with fresh pressed Lemonade


Combine ingredients with ice in a large pitcher and serve with slices of fresh mango.

Cucumber and Green Teani


60ml Belvedere Citrus
2 inch piece of cucumber
Dash simple syrup
Dash lemon juice
25ml green tea
Piece of fresh ginger
2 basil leaves
Small pinch of sea salt


Muddle cucumber and ginger with a pinch of salt and simple syrup. Add the rest of the ingredients and shake with cubed ice. Finely strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a thin slice of cucumber.

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