Here’s What you Should Know About the Drink Trends Going Strong for Autumn/Winter 2017

Here's What you Should Know About the Drink Trends Going Strong for Autumn Winter 2017

Independent distiller William Grant & Sons has revealed its 2017 Market Report. Their findings point out to the relevant drink trends this year and across the report, authenticity, purpose and the crafting of experiences that add real value to the consumers are the main drivers.

As reported by The Spirit Business, the premium sector is key, with a recorded growth of 9.9% in the UK compared to last year and accounting now for 11.7% of that market.

Here are some of the highlights from the report that hint of trends that are already big and are only going to get bigger:

Cocooners vs New World Embracers: In a polarised society, the divide in our drinks preferences is between those who won’t leave their comfort zone and those who actively seek out of it. “Cocooners” will aim to hold on to their status quo and stick to what’s familiar while “New World Embracers” will seek the next new thing and what’s different.

As a result, we can expect both a surge in traditional and old-school bars, cocktails and product branding, and in contrast, a parallel wave of unusual venues with exotic influences.

Sick of Isolated Perfection: Audiences are bored of perfectly polished stereotypical imagery and flawless, soulless products and messages. Brands that offer something with an edge that focuses on people’s passions and attitudes instead of mere demographic assumptions have the most to win.

Events that add value and create experiences that people will actually identify with and want to share are the way to go.

Mass Hyper-Personalisation: Technology is allowing customisation levels never seen before and drink enthusiasts are eager to try personalised experiences and bespoke products. Part of this involves the surge in innovative menus with exciting and unique themes that go beyond simply listing a number of cocktails.

Menus such as Peruke & Periwig‘s music inspired or The Liquor Rooms homage to women of Irish history are an example of this.

Moderation and Responsibility: From avoidance of sugar to low-alcoholic cocktails and drinks with functional ingredients, expect to see more drinks that cater to the health-conscious consumer. The idea of drinking less but better remains strong and is a big argument behind the growth of the premium sector as people want to drink something worth the calories.

The revival of vermouth based cocktails and the general craze for spritzers and lighter cocktails is in tune with these principles.

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