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Secret Beach Cave
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You Need to Add This Secret Beach Cave to Your Greek Island Bucket List

The Greek Islands are on everyone’s travel bucket list, from romantic Santorini to Mykonos and Kos, visiting all of these spectacular locations could take a lifetime.

When you finally make it to the island of Milos, a stunning island with volcanic terrain and majestic rock formations that jut right out into the ocean, there’s a unique place to need to find.

The sea cave of Papafragas is home to a secret beach that was apparently once used as a hideout for pirates. Expect crystal clear waters, towering walls and maybe, just maybe, some hidden pirate treasure.

To give you an idea of just how tiny this little beach is, you would struggle to fit more than 14 people in this secluded paradise.

If you approach the beach by foot, be extremely careful as the stairs down are very steep. That’s according to the Greek National Tourism Organisation, so don’t risk your life unnecessarily.

For a safer option, there are boats that take visitors from the island’s port close to the cave entrance. From there, simply swim through the narrow cave openings for a real-life adventure.

Now of course, you’re never short of beaches and pools on the Greek Islands, but this one seems to be especially unique. Has it made your list?

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