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Seasonal Partridge Recipe by Ken Harker of Mount Juliet with wine pairing

This partridge dish is currently on the menu at the Michelin Star Lady Helen Restaurant at Mount Juliet Estate as the Partridge and other ingredients are in season and perfect for this time of year. It’s a very autumnal dish with walnut, pear, celeriac and bacon.

For the Partridge
A Partridge
Black Pepper Corns

1. To prep the bird, remove the legs from the crown and set them aside to confit.
2. The crown is then cleaned and vac packed with a little butter, thyme and two black pepper corns.
3. This is cooked at 59 degrees C for 40 mins and then finished in a pan of foaming butter.
4. The breasts are removed from the crown and served.
5. The celeriac is salt baked in the oven and when cool, squares are cut and finished straight on the stove top to give a dark colour and slight smoky taste.
6. Lay the streaky bacon on a roasting tray and bake till it becomes very crispy. It is best to cut by hand as the mixer just makes a greasy powder.
7. The dish is dressed with fresh pear and black trompets which have been dressed in a little truffle dressing.

For the Cromesquis
Partridge Legs
Foie Gras
Pickled Pear
Chicken Jus
Sherry Vinegar

1. To cook the partridge, the legs are removed from the bird and confit down till tender.
2. Remove the meat from the leg and mix with foie gras, pickled pear, chives and chicken jus.
3. Season and finish with vinegar.
4. When this mix is set roll into a ball and coat in panko.

For the Walnut Purée
White Wine
Chicken Stock

1. Cook the onion and celery in a little oil and butter til soft, then add the toasted walnuts and slowly cook out further.
2. Add the white wine and reduce till almost dry, before pouring in the stock and allowing to cook out over a slow heat.
3. Blitz in a thermomix till smooth finishing with a small amount of cold butter for richness


Our recommended Wine Pairing for this Recipe
Man O’War Dreadnought €35.49
Syrah 2011
On the nose this wine is packed with aromas of blueberries & pepper as well as earthy, leathery tones with some vegetal floral and savoury touches giving it the typical Rhone style essence.

On the palate this wine delivers a full yet structured body with fine gentle tannins. The pepper, leather and earthy tones flow onto the palate along with some over ripe red berries. This is a beautiful bottle that is in fine shape and a pleasure to taste.

This wine will pair beautifully with this dish as the body has the weight to match the partridge whilst the fruit will work well with the foie gras and walnut purée.

Available from O’Brien’s Wines Nationwide or Online.


Ken HarkerKen Harker is the head chef at the Michelin starred Lady Helen Restaurant in Mount Juliet Estate, Kilkenny. Here a variety of international dishes are prepared using local produce and fresh herbs, picked daily from the estate’s own herb garden.

The Michelin Star restaurant enjoys panoramic views over the estate and River Nore. Gourmet dining and superb service are complemented by the opulent ambience of dining in the Lady Helen.

Mount Juliet Mount Juliet
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