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Mackerel Recipe Dax Restaurant
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Seared Mackerel with Parma Ham Crisps Recipe by Chef Tomasz Morawski of Dax Restaurant

This recipe for a seared fillet of Irish mackerel, is served with parma ham crisps, anchovy crumbs, lemon gel, and a caper dressing is created by our head chef at Dax Restaurant, Tomasz Morawski. This is a dish that ties in with the philosophy at Dax; using the very finest Irish and continental artisan ingredients to produce refined, modern French dishes.

Serves four


– 8 small fillets of mackerel
– 8 thin slices of parma ham
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Squeeze of lemon juice
– Small handful of pea shoots

For the Lemon Gel
– 2 lemons
– 300g caster sugar
– 50-100g extra virgin olive oil

For the Caper Dressing
– 2 tbsp baby capers
– 50g sherry vinegar
– 1 tsp Dijon mustard
– 100g walnut oil
– 100g extra virgin olive oil

For the Anchovy Crumbs
– 200g Japanese panko breadcrumbs, or regular crumbs if panko is not available
– 100g salted anchovies
– 20g butter
– 1 tsp flat parsley, finely chopped


For the Mackerel

1. Roll out a large sheet of cling film, place one fillet of mackerel skin side down in the centre of the cling film, lay one slice of Parma ham on top, place another fillet on top skin side up making sure it faces the opposite direction to the first fillet.
2. Roll tightly in the cling film to form a neat cylinder shape. Repeat with the other fillets. Refrigerate until chilled.
3. Bring a large pot of water to 64 degrees and poach for 10 minutes, when cooked refresh in iced water, refrigerate until needed.

For the Lemon Gel

1. Peel the rind off the lemons, in a small pot cover the rind with water and bring to the boil, immediately drain off the rind and allow to cool on a plastic tray, repeat the process 3 times.
2. Cover the blanched rind with the sugar, add 300g of water, simmer on a very low heat for 1 hour of until the rind becomes soft, adding extra water if needed.
3. Add the contents of the pot to a blender and blend on high until the mixture becomes smooth, finally slowly incorporate the olive oil to thicken the gel.
4. Pass through a fine strainer and set aside.

For the Anchovy Crumbs

1. Heat a large frying pan, add the anchovies and cook until caramelized and golden in colour, add panko crumbs and parsley and continue to cook until the crumbs become golden in colour, season with salt if necessary, set aside.

For the Caper Dressing

1. Mix all ingredient together in a blender on high for 1 minutes, and set aside.

For the Parma Ham Crisps

1. Lay 4 slices of Parma ham between 2 oven trays and cook in the at 160 degrees for 10 minutes until crispy, set aside.

Final Preparations and Presentations:

1. Heat a large frying pan, carefully peel off cling film from mackerel, drizzle a small amount of olive oil and fry the mackerel briefly on both sides.
2. Spread some lemon gel on a large Plate, spoon the crumbs just off centre, lay the mackerel on top and garnish with the dressing, Parma ham crisps and pea shoots.


Dax Restaurant Chef Tomas MorawskiMy name is Tomasz Morawski, I am Polish and have been in Ireland since 2004. Cooking was always my passion. I got my inspiration from my grandparents, who were also chefs and owners of three restaurants. I graduated in 2002 with “Technician of Gastronomy” Diploma. Most of my cooking skills I learned in “Orbis” Hotel in Wroclaw, Poland. I gained further education and experience in many other jobs, such as local restaurants with Polish traditional food, hotel restaurantS, and in wedding catering. Dax Restaurant was my first job in Dublin, and after working 11 years here, I am now head chef of the kitchen.

We use the very finest Irish and continental artisan ingredients to produce refined, modern French dishes. The cuisine is supplemented by an excellent and well-considered wine list drawing vintages from both classic Châteaux and other continental and new world regions.

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