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Paella Las Tapas de Lola
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Seafood Paella Recipe from Las Tapas de Lola

This classic Spanish seafood Paella recipe from Las Tapas de Lola uses squid, tiger prawns, octopus, mussels, clams and fresh fish to capture the true taste of the sea. An authentic and easy to follow paella recipe, this a perfect Summer dish to share with friends in the sunshine with a crisp glass of white wine.

Serves 6


– 80ml olive oil
– 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
– 2 onions, finely chopped
– 1 green pepper & 1 red pepper, finely chopped
– 350g squid, coarsley chopped
– 300g tiger prawns, coarsley chopped
– 250g octopus, cut into small pieces
– 2 peeled & grated tomatoes (or a tin of peeled tomatoes)
– 6-8 shelled prawns
– 250g clams
– 50g green peas
– 600g of bomba rice (typical from Spain) or calasparra rice (you can also use Arborio rice which is more commonly found in supermarkets in Ireland).
– 4g sweet paprika
– 1.5g saffron
– 1.65 to 2 kg of fish
– 300g mussels
– 250g clams
– 1 langoustine per person (or large prawn in shell)
– salt


1. In the paellea pan (or use a 36cm pan with a 5cm lip), heat the olive oil on a meduim heat and add the onion, garlic, green and red peppers.
2. Once they are nice and golden, add the squid & shelled prawns, mix well with the vegetables.
3. Once the squid starts to take colour, add the octopus and the grated tomatoes. Let simmer for 10 minutes.
4. Then add the rice, saffron and paprika. Mix everything well for 4-5minutes.
5. Add the fish stock to cover the rice and simmer on a medium to low heat (as we say in Spain, let is “yup-yup”) for about 20/25 minutes.
6. Do not use a spoon to mix anymore, use the paellera handles (or the handle of your pan) to gently shake the rice (hip movement very important here).
7. 10 minutes before the rice finishes cooking, place the mussels, clams, whole prawns (langoustines in shell) and peas around the paella dish for decoration.
8. Check your seasoning, add salt if required, and let the stock reduce. Before all the stock has been absorbed, try your rice. Your rice should be slightly al dente, but if still too al dente add a dash more of stock.
9. Traditionally in Spain, this is when we leave the paella to sit for 10 minutes off the heat and covered with newspaper to finish cooking. This is when we head for a swim, or off to the park!

Las Tapas de Lola
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Las Tapas de Lola Las Tapas de Lola
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