Your Favourite Ice Cream is Now Available in this Seaside North Dublin Town

scrumdiddlys 2

Dun Laoghaire pier is hard to beat on a summer’s evening, especially with a Scrumdiddly’s ice cream in hand – whether it’s a Bueno waffle cone, an overflowing tub with scrumfiteroles or a fudgy sundae.

The famous purveyors of some of the most irresistible ice cream in the land also have a parlour in Donabate, but now their delectable dairy treats will be available in the picturesque seaside village of Malahide.

One of our favourite stores, Donnybrook Fair, have just announced a permanent counter in their Malahide branch, so ice cream fiends can get their fix all year round.

We’re hoping this concession stand will offer the full range of foodporn-like ice cream treats that Scrumdiddly’s is best known for – as the people who brought you an ice cream sundae in an Easter egg shell, were sure there will be more on offer than a standard 99.

For more information on Scrumdiddly’s click here.

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