Scallops Ceviche Recipe By Chef Zsolt Zakar At Lobstar Restaurant
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Scallops Ceviche Recipe By Chef Zsolt Zakar At Lobstar Restaurant

This Scallops Ceviche Recipe By Chef Zsolt Zakar At Lobstar Restaurant, it is fresh, vibrant and perfumed with the aniseed aromas and flavours of thinly shaved fennel. A seafood dish typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime. Here Chef Zsolt Zakar adds a touch of sophistication with fresh Irish hand dive scallops and lime infused ponzu, finishing with delicate touches of fennel pollen and sea trout roe.

Fresh Irish hand dived scallops
Dill oil
Shaved fennel
Fennel pollen
Lime infused ponzu
Sea trout roe

1. Take out scallops from the shell and remove the scallop’s roe. Wash the scallops in running cold water to make sure there is no broken shells on the scallop.
2. To make the dill oil, use 100 g of fresh dill and 200 ml rapeseed oil. Blanche the dill for 5 seconds in hot boiling water, after putting in an ice bath. Dry and blend it with the oil. Season with sea salt. Keep it overnight in the fridge, then strain. Use a muslin to make sure no dill residue is left in your mixture. You need to get a green dill oil.
3. Shave some fennel with a mandolin and seasoned with sea salt and lemon juice.
4. Now the ponzu. You can buy it or make at home. Use good quality soya sauce, kefir lime leaves and lime juice. Put half litre of soya sauce, 100 ml of lime juice and some kefir lime leaves into a container.
5. Plating this dish is very simple. Slice the scallops into 4 slices horizontally.(depends on the size of the scallops).
6. Place around a plate 10-12 thin slices of scallops and cover with ponzu gently. Put dill oil around the scallops. Place the shaved fennel on the top.
7. Finish with fresh Irish Sea trout roe, sprinkle some fennel pollen and decorate with micro cress.

Scallops Ceviche Recipe By Chef Zsolt Zakar At Lobstar Restaurant


Scallops Ceviche Recipe By Chef Zsolt Zakar At Lobstar RestaurantHead Chef and Co-Owner at Lobstar. “I have devoted the last sixteen years of my life to creating dishes and getting myself acquainted with a variety of special ingredients. I have had the privilege to work alongside and learn from amazing chefs and am able to now pour that experience and knowledge into a passion of my own, creating truly authentic food. Opening Lobstar is an absolute dream come true. Quality food has always been my passion. I cook entire new worlds for my Guests. Lobstar is a complex and complete experience composed of carefully selected ingredients such as divine wines, fresh seafood and love. The best way to truly introduce myself as a chef is to serve you my food. Just relax and enjoy it!”

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