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Derry Clarke
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Salmon in Pastry Recipe by Derry Clarke with Samsung Home Appliances

Watch the fifth recipe in Derry Clarke’s recipe collection as Samsung Home Appliances Brand Ambassador. Derry shows us how to make the perfect Salmon dish and as always, it requires an obsessive attention to detail!

Spiced Salmon in a crisp pastry, Mussel & Tomato Vinaigrette, Sea Herbs


8 Salmon fillets, pin boned
2 tbsps mixed spices or curry powder
4 sheets brick pastry or filo
100g melted butter


1. Cut the sheets of pastry in half and brush one side with the melted butter.
2. Coat the Salmon fillets flesh side with the spices, place the fillets on pastry buttered side and wrap tightly. Place in fridge for 30 min.
3. Heat pan with a little vegetable oil and brown Salmon on both sides (2 min each side) till golden brown. Season with salt & pepper and a little squeezed lemon juice.

Mussel Vinaigrette

24 large mussels, debreaded and cleaned
3 tbspss red wine vinegar
2 large plum tomatoes skinned, deseeded and diced
2 tbsps capers
1 red onion peeled and diced
150ml olive oil
1 small red pepper deseeded and diced
2 tbsps chopped parsley
150ml white wine
juice of ½ lemon


1. Place mussels in a heavy sauce pot with the white wine and lemon juice (discard any that are open).
2. Cover and cook over a medium heat, until mussels are open (discard any that have not opened). Leave to cool.
3. Remove mussels from shell and keep cooking liquid.
4. Mix the red wine vinegar and olive oil in a large bowl, add the tomatoes, capers, onion, red pepper, parsley, mussels and the cooking liquor. Season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.
5. Spoon the mussel vinaigrette onto the serving plates, then the Salmon and garnish with sea herbs (samphire, aster, oyster leaves etc or any salad of your choice).


Derry and Sallyanne Clarke married in 1987 and opened l’Ecrivain Restaurant in July 1989. They have had several transformations and now l’Ecrivain stands on the site of two old Georgian Coach Houses/Mews in its own charming courtyard. Over 26 years on, l’Ecrivain is going from strength to strength.

Derry Sallyanne l’Ecrivain
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