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Rustic Barrel Hotel
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Stay in a Rustic Barrel Hotel in Tequila for the Ultimate Mexican Experience

Calling all tequila lovers! We have found the most perfect hotel for you to live out your wildest tequila dreams in the spirit’s namesake.

Imagine staying inside a giant barrel right in the middle of Casa Cofradia right in the heart of Tequila, Mexico.

Here, you can experience everything the tequila distillery has to offer, as well as touring the fields by night, harvesting your own agave and yes, even distilling your own tequila.

Offering King Rooms with terraces and much more, Matices Hotel de Barricas is both a unique place to rest your head and a good starting point for your own personal exploration of the drink tequila and indeed, the place.

Because, let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to stay in a rustic-style barrel sipping a glass of tequila from the mini bar and taking in the Mexican scenery from your terrace?

For more information about this property and the various options available to you, visit

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