Have Coffee with Roz Purcell This Friday at The Fat Fox’s Breakfast Morning for ISPCC Childline

The Fat Fox

Whether you admire her skills in the kitchen or her striking good looks this Friday is your chance to a coffee with Roz Purcell. From 10am-12pm, on Friday October 20th, the model turned cookbook author will be hosting a breakfast morning at The Fat Fox in aid of ISPCC Childline.

From their base on Camden Row, the Fat Fox crew will be whipping up sweet and savoury breakfast options from Roz’s new book, Half Hour Hero, with all the proceeds from all proceeds from the “Hero” recipes going directly to the charity.

The event is part of Cheerios Childline Breakfast week (Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd) which each year sees charity breakfasts hosted across the country to help support the ISPCC Childline services which answers calls from children in need across Ireland 24 hours a day.

If you’re in the area, or need an excuse to skip out off work – hey, it’s Friday after all – , make your way to Camden Row to say hi and support #cheerioschildline.

Opening its doors just off Camden Street just over one year ago, The Fat Fox has already made a big impact on Dublin’s cafe scene and become an integral part of the strong coffee community that’s brewing the city (coffee puns entirely intended).

With its quirky palm printed walls, killer coffee, flavoursome salads and sandwiches, and cakes and bakes that range from saintly to sinful, its little wonder why the cafe has become a mecca for office workers and locals in the area.

If you aren’t already following The Fat Fox on Instagram (their Instagram stories will brighten your day) now’s the time to do so, and be sure to share your charitable breakfast using the hashtag #riseandshineforchildline.

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