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Lady Rose Cocktail Lemuels
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Celebrate The Upcoming Royal Wedding at Lemuel’s With a Cocktail Inspired by The Royals

To celebrate the eagerly awaited Royal Wedding, the Conrad Dublin invites guests to toast the happy couple with a celebratory cocktail.

The 19th of May will see His Royal Highness Prince Harry marry American actress Meghan Markle, and in honour of this special occasion, the Conrad has invented an exciting new drink that will be served throughout the month of May.

Stephen Tighe, manager of Lemuel’s Lounge Bar at the Conrad, has been inspired by the royal wedding and created a Royal Wedding Cocktail aptly named “Happily Ever After”.

This tempting tipple will feature elements that have special meaning to the Royal couple. The gin-based cocktail will have Beefeater Pink Gin, rhubarb and ginger liqueur and is topped with Rosé Champagne.

The Beefeater Gin is a nod to the Beefeaters who will be ushers at the Royal Wedding, while the rhubarb component is based on the well-known fact that rhubarb crumble is a favourite dessert amongst the Royal Family.

This regal cocktail is then topped with Meghan Markle’s rumoured favourite drink, Rosé Champagne. The actress, known for her role in hit TV show Suits, was regularly seen drinking the high-end Champagne as her character Rachel Zane.

In true Royal fashion, a strawberry-infused sugar crown, encrusted with edible silver chocolate jewels, adorns the top of the cocktail. Adding to the intrigue, there are, of course, a few top secret ingredients in the cleverly crafted cocktail.

To book into Lemuel’s at The Conrad, phone (01) 602 8900, email or book online at

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