Pretty in Pink – Rosé Gin is Now a Thing and We Need it in Our G&Ts

Pretty in Pink - Rose Gin is Now a Thing and We Need it in Our G&Ts

Drinks are blushing at an unprecedented rate: we’ve seen pink tequila, frosé, Aperol Spritz floats and a number of pink gins popping up, from a special pink edition of Gordon’s to a colour-changing blue spirit that goes rosy with tonic. And just when we thought we’ve seen it all, a new gin made from actual rosé wine comes along, mixing two of the most popular drinks of the summer in the same bottle.

Winemaker Roman Roth from Wölffer Estate Vineyard has launched Wölffer Pink Gin, a rose gin made from distilled wine infused with a combination of juniper and other botanicals including cardamom, coriander and mint.

pink gin rose featured

The colour comes from the addition of a small amount of grape skin extract. The gin is made in small batches at Wölffer winery in New York. “Using the rosé wine as the base gives Wölffer a clear advantage over grain-based gins”, said the company on a press release and they’ve also described the gin as “more playful and fruit-driven.”

Wölffer Pink Gin is ideal for Gin & Tonics, as its delicate character will be enhanced by the simplicity of this popular cocktail and it’s colour will make for an attractive serve, specially in a globe glass.

The gin is available online and priced at $34.99 (€29.45).

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