Has the Rose Craze Gone Too Far? You Can Now Get Rose Deodorant

This Unexpected Product Makes us Think it Has rose deodorant

Raspberries, strawberries and fresh citrus fruits… We all love the aromas of rose wine and our thirst for it grows during the summer, but if you are a hardcore rose fan ready to take your obsession to the next level, what about a rose deodorant?

The limited edition product was launched yesterday 21st of June, and it’s part of a special brunch box set by Native Costmetics that includes three drinks inspired flavours, the other  two being mimosa and sangria.

The box is priced $30 (€26.87) and it has been such a success that the first batch is sold out and people can register on a waiting list for future batches. This rose deodorant and the whole brunch box follows the ethos of Native Cosmetics; they’re all made in small batches with natural ingredients and there’s no animal testing involved.

More information: nativecos.com

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