Rock Lobster – Where Fish Reigns Supreme

As far as dining in Dundrum Town Centre is concerned, hungry punters are spoiled for choice. There is something for everyone, including the kids. For seafood lovers, you can’t go wrong with Rock Lobster above Harvey Nichols.

As you emerge from the staircase you are presented with a loud, contemporary bar where bartenders are shaking up classic cocktails and a few Rock Lobster signatures. If we had arrived a bit earlier, we would have been delighted to grab a seat and enjoy the show. Instead we were happily shown to one of the tables by the enormous windows and settled in on the trendy couches with a bottle of their beautifully light Portuguese Prova Regia.

Niall Sabongi has created a menu that just sings about Ireland’s great seafood. As you may know, Niall operates Ireland’s only sustainable seafood company so you can trust that the fish being served is not just the best quality but is ethically sound too. So on this occasion it was fish all round!

The East Coast Chowder was creamy but surprisingly light and not at all stodgy. It was full of different pieces of fish and plenty of fresh vegetables. On the side was a slab of Guinness brown bread that is so rich and dense you feel like you are eating a pint!

The Balscadden Crab Cake was presented in a bird’s nest of crispy noodles on a bed of sweet peppers, onions and fennel. The Asian influences made for an interesting take on the seafood dish and it’s great to see that Rock Lobster are not afraid of experimenting with classics.

The Line Caught Hake was a gorgeous piece of fish accompanied by a great mixture of mushrooms, spinach and the most amazing celeriac purée. Never have I tasted so much flavour in a puree and it complemented the fish beautifully.

The Fish and Chips were as good as you would expect from a seafood institution. Flaky fish in a crispy batter came out on a platter with a generous portion of chunky fries, a delicious homemade tartare sauce and a smooth pea puree.

I didn’t think there was room for dessert after all that gorgeous fish but we treated ourselves to a perfect Crème Brulée, smooth and sweet with a delightfully crackable layer on the top. We also had the Upside Down Blood Orange Cheesecake which was deconstructed in a cool sundae glass. It was delicious with a great balance of tangy blood orange coulis, creamy filling and crushed biscuits.

It is obvious that the seafood served in Rock Lobster is all of the best quality but it is also reassuring to think that it doesn’t have a negative impact on our resources.

This is a great seafood taste that will leave you wanting more.

Rock Lobster
Dundrum Town Centre
Sandyford Road
Dublin 16
T: 01 291 0410

Rock Lobster Rock Lobster

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