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Ocio 95 Points
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Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate Awards 95 Points to Cono Sur’s Ocio Pinot Noir

Cono Sur OcioThe Wine Advocate, the world-famous publication established by Robert Parker, has awarded the 2013 Cono Sur Ocio Pinot Noir a fantastic 95 points in its latest issue.

This puts Ocio at the very upper end of a rating category that defines its recipients as, “An outstanding wine of exceptional complexity and character. In short, these are terrific wines.”

Luis Gutierrez, writing for issue #222 (December 2015) of The Wine Advocate, writes at length about the nuanced complexity of Chile’s first ultra-premium Pinot Noir, even going so far as taking an additional bottle to perform a double-blind tasting against a Grand Cru Burgundy in his own time. To the surprise of many, Ocio easily trumped the Burgundy. The full text of his review can be read below.

The 95 points earned by the 2013 Ocio continues the trend of increasingly high 90+ points awarded to Cono Sur’s icon Pinot Noir over the last number of vintages: 2010 (90 points), 2011 (91 points) and 2012 (92 points).

Luis Gutierrez’s Review of the 2013 Cono Sur Ocio Pinot Noir

“The nose shows great complexity … mixing wild berries, but with one extra degree of aromatic power and nuances. The palate shows very good inner strength, a kind of elegant power while showing lightness, combining those two complex characteristics. It’s a profound, sharp Pinot with very good tension, very good acidity and length. Super!

It felt very Burgundian and I wondered how it would do in a blind tasting against some top Burgundies. So I took a spare bottle and served it double blind against a Grand Cru from Gevrey; to our surprise, nobody identified is as Chile, and in fact more people preferred it to the Burgundy.

A revelation. Grand Cru quality at a very reasonable price.”

About Cono Sur’s Pinot Noir Project

Cono Sur was born around the oldest Pinot Noir vineyards in Chile, and the company was the first first to export the variety in Chile to produce Premium Pinot Noir.

The Cono Sur “Pinot Noir Project” started in 1999, with the aim of producing the best Pinot Noir in Chile: unique, expressive and proud of its New World roots, while vinified according to the Burgundian tradition. From this same French DO comes Martin Prieur, an experienced Pinot Noir winemaker who has helped Cono Sur select Chilean terroirs and advised on optimum vineyard management.

The outcome was 20 Barrels, Chile’s first premium Pinot Noir, with the zenith reached with Ocio, Cono Sur’s icon wine and Chile’s first ultra-premium Pinot Noir.

Cono Sur's Ocio Pinot Noir

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