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Roast Stuffed Fillet of Pork Wrapped in Bacon, Pureed Carrots and Parsnips, Roast Potatoes and Apple Sauce Recipe from Episode 8 of Tastes Like Home with Catherine Fulvio

This recipe is by Grainne Hill, Catherine Fulvio’s guest on episode 8 of Tastes Like Home and represents Grainne’s very own taste of home.

Stuffing Ingredients:

  • Onion
  • Butter
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Apricots
  • Chestnuts
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Rosemary / Thyme
  • Salt
  • Pepper  


  • Soften an onion in butter.
  • Add to breadcrumbs/chopped apricots and chestnuts/fresh parsley and rosemary or thyme/salt and pepper.

Fillets of Pork x 2

  • Trim off fat. 
  • Butterfly and lay out stuffing on bottom fillet
  • Lay second fillet on top
  • Place the dry cured streaky bacon over top and tuck underneath
  • Cover with tinfoil
  • Bake X 45mins approx
  • Remove tinfoil and bake for a further 15-20 mins or until bacon is crispy


  • Boil carrots and parsnips until soft
  • Drain and add butter/salt and pepper/a grate of nutmeg
  • Puree

Roast Potatoes:

  • Parboil X 5mins
  • Drain
  • Sprinkle over a handful of semolina seasoned with salt and pepper
  • Give saucepan a good shake so all spuds are coated
  • Melt duck/goose fat on baking tray
  • Add spuds and bake until crispy

Apple Sauce:

  • Place chopped cooking apples in glass bowl
  • Add splash of water
  • Cover with sheet of kitchen proof paper
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