Roast Halibut Recipe by Chef Stuart Heeney at Clontarf Castle

This Roast Halibut Recipe with Katafi Wrapped Prawns & Violetta Potatoes was created by Chef Stuart Heeney at Clontarf Castle.


Confit Potatoes
4 violetta potatoes
600ml olive oil
4 clove garlic
4 thyme sprigs

Potato Puree
4 large purple potato
120g red beetroot
100ml cream
100ml cream

Katafi Wrapped Prawn
4 Dublin bay prawn
120 g katafi pastry
4 eggs

Fresh Mussels
16/20 fresh mussels
4 shallots
200ml white wine
600ml cream
Lemon juice
Chopped chives

400g fresh halibut
Sea salt


Confit potatoes
1. To conffit the potatoes peel and then cut the potato into even squares and place in a small pot with the garlic and the thyme sprig then cover it with the olive oil.
2. Cook in the oven at 120 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes until soft but not falling apart, take them out and leave in a warm place.

Potato puree
1. To make the potato puree peel the potato and the beetroot and cut into even pieces and place in a pot, cover it with water and cook until soft
2. Put through a potato ricer to ensure a fine smooth mash then add your cream and butter, season with salt to taste and mix well.

Katafi wrapped prawn
1. To prepare your prawn peel the raw Dublin bay prawn leaving the small tail end of the shell attached
2. Lay out your katafi pastry flat, place the prawn along the middle of the pastry leaving the tail end exposed
3. Lightly brush either side of the prawn with egg wash and fold the sides over gently so it covers the prawn ensuring that is all sticking with the egg wash
4. Cover with a cloth and leave in the fridge until ready to serve.

Fresh mussels
1. Wash and de beard your mussels well, place in a hot pan and put the shallots and white wine in too and cover with a lid for about a minute until the mussels are open
2. Strain off and keep the mussels warm and pass the cooking liquor through a fine sieve as there can be lots of grit and sand that come out of the mussels
3. Put the strained liquid in a pan and reduce with the cream until it has slightly thickened
4. Add the lemon juice to taste and add a small pinch of chives.

1. Season your halibut with some sea salt and place in a hot frying pan presentation side up cook for 2 minutes then turn onto the other side and cook for another side for 2 minutes
2. Finish with some butter in the pan and spoon over the fish leave to rest in the pan for 2 minutes to finish cooking

Katafi wrapped prawn
1. Have your deep fat fryer pre heated to 170 degrees Celsius then cook your katafi prawn until it is golden brown on the outside take out and drain on some kitchen paper.

To serve
1. Place you piece of halibut just off center in the plate, place 4/5 pieces of the confit potatoes to the side of the fish
2. Pipe the potato mash in between the potatoes
3. Heat your mussels back up in the sauce and place neatly around the plate
4. Place your prawn beside the halibut and garnish with some micro coriander.


Stuart Heeney is a Dublin native and started his culinary career in the Michelin Star, Chapter One where he trained under Ross Lewis. He studied at the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism, Cathal Brugha Street, which has been synonymous with the hospitality and catering industry in Ireland since 1941.

Stuarts food philosophy is simple, local produce and sourcing lies at the heart of the menus, simple ingredients cooked with flair and imagination presented with finesse.

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