Savour the Last Drop of Summer with a Tasting of Wines from Rías Baixas in L’Atitude 51

Savour the Last Drop of Summer with a Tasting of Wines from Rías Baixas in L'Atitude 51

The wines from the Spanish region of Rías Baixas offer a distinctive freshness and a consistent quality that has earned a place in the heart of Irish wine lovers. This 27th of September, L’Atitude 51 in Cork will be hosting a special tasting dedicated to the DO, where the Albarino grape is queen, hosted by wine writer Susan Boyle.

The occasion will allow you to try seven wines and discover Rías Baixas main three sub-regions (O’Rosal, Salnes and Condado do Tea), all offering a characteristic approach to the variety. Appreciate the mineral sharpness of the more coastal bottles and the pleasant balance of fruitiness found in warmer areas.

Accompanying the wines, there will be a selection of tapas inspired in the rich culinary tradition on the region prepared by the L’Atitude kitchen.

Susan Boyle will talk guests through the wines as she presents relevant information about Rías Baixas in a friendly and entertaining way.

The event starts at 7.30 pm on September 27th and tickets including the wines and the tapas are priced at €15 per person.

Booking is essential. Call 021 2390219 or email to book.

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