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Takeaway Coffee Cups may Become a Thing of the Past

The Waste Reduction Bill, which bans single-use coffee cups, has passed its second stage in the Dáil and will now go to the Oireachtas environment committee for further examination.

If passed, the Bill, which was put forward by the Green and Labour Parties, would introduce a ban on coffee cups that cannot be composted. The Bill is also proposing a ban on plastic cups, plates and cutlery.

According to Breaking News, Denis Naughten said that the scheme could be very expensive: “A study investigating the possible introduction in the UK puts a figure of €790 m per year on it.”

He added: “These are enormous amounts, I believe before we spend a fraction of this on its introduction, we need to ascertain what the benefits would be.”

Green Party Leader, Eamon Ryan, commented on the Bill’s advancement, saying: “It’s been a really good night for the Dáil. It was unusual, it was a Green Party Bill presented by Labour in their time and the Governemnt aren’t stopping it.”

So maybe now would be a good time to be that reusable coffee cup!

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