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Clontarf Baths
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Refurbished Clontarf Baths May Not be Open to The Public in Time For Summer

The highly anticipated re-opening of the Clontarf Baths is set to take place soon, however, the public may not be allowed to enter.

Due to difficulties securing pool staff and lifeguards, the public seawater baths may not be open to the public. According to The Irish Times, the baths may only be available to those who can provide the necessary staff themselves.

Scheduled to open after a 22-year closure, the Clontarf Bath refurbishment cost €2.4 million, with the pool itself costing just under €1 million to renovate.

Should funding be secured, the baths are expected to open to the public this summer.

Until such time that the pool becomes open to the public, guests can avail of the other facilities on the leisure site, including the 250-seat restaurant and bar that will be serving up some delicious seaweed-seasoned cocktails and Dublin coddle pizzas.

For more information about the Clontarf Baths, you can read our initial piece here.

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