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Luxury by The Minute – This App Lets You Book 5-Star Hotels to Recharge During The Day

Have you ever had a insanely busy day away from home or the office and all you want to do is take a moment to rest, recharge and relax away from all noise?

Well, there’s a cool app that does just that! Available on both iPhone and Android, Recharge enables users to book 4-star and 5-star luxury hotels within minutes.

Perfect for business travellers or those who just need to freshen up, work quietly or even squeeze in a workout.

Once you arrive at the hotel, your room is instantly available and you can use it as needed. When you’re finished recharging, simply tap checkout on the app and continue your day.

So how does this differ from traditional hotel bookings? Simple, there’s no set check-in or check-out time. All guests are charged by the minute and the hotel will have a set rate, for example $50 per hour in a 4-star hotel in New York City.

One of the hoteliers’ testimonials on the site praised the way Recharge works, especially for hotels that remain empty for most of the day:

“There’s a significant part of the day where rooms are empty. Most business travellers leave early in the morning, and a lot of them don’t come until late at night, so that time in between is really where Recharge became an interesting thing to consider.”

Unfortunately, the app and its hotels are only available in San Francisco and New York at the moment, but hopefully they’ll jump across the pond soon.

In the meantime, at least you’ll have the option to use the app on your next American holiday.

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