This App Allows you to Rent Luxury Hotel Rooms by the Minute

This App Allows you to Rent Luxury Hotel Rooms by the Minute

Whether you seek the perfect place for the ultimate power nap or you want to enjoy the comfort of a luxury hotel room for any other reason, you can now do so for shorter periods of time thanks to Recharge, an app backed by JetBlue Technology Ventures, which was officially launched in 2016 in San Francisco and has expanded to New York this week.

Recharge allows customers to book flexible-length stays in four and five star hotels and while there’s no minimum stay, the average time is about two hours.

Room prices range from $0.66 to $3 per minute before tax. There app has reported growth by 800% in San Francisco and users are as diverse as business people, couples, mothers, travelers and more.

To use Recharge, you need to download the app (free for Android and iPhone) and you’ll be able to find participating hotels near you. Once you click “Book Now”, you have up to 30 minutes to collect your key before you start being charged and once you have it, you’ll enjoy your room until you hit the “check out” button.

It is expected that the service will expand next to other cities of the United States.

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