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Raise a Glass of Barefoot Wine This Festive Season

Welcome the festive season with the perfect bottle of Barefoot Wine, the Number 1 USA Wine brand in Ireland – available from all good stockists.

As communities come together to celebrate the holidays, Barefoot Wine has a tasty tipple for every occasion – from Christmas to New Year’s. Whether it’s a rich, dark and full-bodied Merlot to pair with your dinner party dishes or a deliciously dry Sauvignon Blanc – let’s raise a glass of Barefoot Wine and cheer this festive season together.

Barefoot Pinot Grigio

Barefoot Pinot Grigio

Open a bottle of Barefoot Pinot Grigio and you’ll be impressed with its glorious flavours. Crisp and light-bodied, with tart green apple and citrus and peach notes, it’s a fantastic all-year-round wine.

Wine and Food Pairing: Pairing well with the three Ps – namely poultry, pasta and pizza – this light-bodied wine could be your ultimate party tipple!

 Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc

Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc

Celebrate this party season with a glass of Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc! The perfect dry, white wine bursting with fruity notes including honeydew melon, nectarine and peach. 

Wine and Food Pairing: This tasty tipple is the perfect finishing touch to a mouth-watering roast turkey with all the trimmings!

Barefoot Merlot

Barefoot Merlot is one of their finest; an award-winning combination that complements a wide range of foods but is also big enough and bold enough to stand on its own as a bit of a show-stopper. 

Wine and Food Pairing: Barefoot Merlot is a wonderful partner for almost any meal. It goes particularly well when served alongside hearty stews, casseroles and roast dinners.

Barefoot White Zinfandel

Fruity and fun, Barefoot White Zinfandel delivers sweetness and refreshment with every sip. Full of luscious fruity notes, from sun-ripened strawberries, succulent pears, lush pineapple and juicy peaches. 

Wine and Food Pairing: This wine is excellent served chilled alongside a variety of foods. Pair it with appetisers – especially fresh fruits and cheeses – chicken and seafood. It’s also a superb wine to use as a base for a cocktail.

Whether you’re choosing to say goodbye to the year with a New Year’s Eve bash for all your neighbours, or just relaxing at home with the family this festive season, Barefoot Wine has the perfect tipple for everyone. The range includes Barefoot Moscato, Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon, Barefoot Malbec, Barefoot Chardonnay, Barefoot Pink Pinot Grigio, Barefoot Buttery Chardonnay and Barefoot Pink Moscato alongside Barefoot Pinot Grigio, Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc, Barefoot Merlot and Barefoot White Zinfandel

So raise a glass this festive season with Barefoot Wine, packed with big flavours and gorgeous aromas – there’s plenty to choose from!

Barefoot Wine is available nationwide from all good stockists, RRP €10.

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